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We are a pediatrics outpatient clinic with multiple locations in North Texas.OUR PHILOSOPHY OF CAREBy training, I am an American Board Certified Pediatrician. But in my younger years, I grew up with simple natural alternatives for common ailments. As a mom, I have incorporated them for my kids, and it has worked wonders. Hence, we take an integrated and holistic approach to help you raise a healthy, smart, and energetic child. Below is how we care for your child:a) Prevention is better than cure. We recommend vaccination. The safety & benefit from these vaccines far outweighs the tragedy of not vaccinating, which we have experienced first-hand. In order to protect our immune-compromised children, we do NOT accept patients who are unwilling to vaccinate. We strive to use only preservative-free vaccines where available.b) We suggest natural alternatives as the first line of treatment for simple and or chronic conditions. Natural alternatives include natural and home remedies, diet and nutrition changes, exercise, yoga, or behavioral and parenting changes.c) We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for acute ailments. 


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